● One order number only has one chance to be Spin,and valid within 24hours. Overdue can not participate in activities.The amount should above $3.8.

● You are qualified to spin if you make an order during the Lottery Event available.

● After placed an order, you can Spin with your Order Number < Invoice Number >.

● All Prizes are Random.

● After place an order successfully, save your order number and spin with it immediately. If you win Gold, will be traded with your order together. Dont support Prize Gold and Ordered Gold trade separately.

● If you win Coupon Code, that could not be converted into Gold.

● The person who did Charge back or Disputes in previous orders will be declined to Gift though he Spins and Wins.

● The person whose order is not verified will be declined to Gift though he Spins and Wins.

● Contact Live Chat to take Runescape Gold you win right now.

● Contact Live Chat to take Runefest Tickets or Runescape Gaming Chair (We will mail the prizes, Please leave your detailed address and your mobile phone number)

OSRS Gold iottery
OSRS Gold iottery
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