Why so many people play runescape ?

As we all know,  RuneScape is a free MMORPG that has survived for 16 years.Today I want to discuss with our players why it is so popular.This game has been released for more than 16 years (released in January 2001), it is a sandbox online game, players are exploring in the fantasy world, it appeared earlier than Blizzard's "World of Warcraft" 2004 More than 3 years. However, unlike the latter, the development team of developer Jagex has created a medieval-style environment, allowing players to choose to fight monsters, play missions, or pass time with good friends.

As for the appearance of the character, runescape has countless customization features. Runescape has both standing power and countless skills, mini-games, and missions. It has three fighting styles, 26 skills, 203 tasks, and more than 30 mini games and activities. Runescape has a powerful dating system and vivid and interesting expressions, which is why so many players have been passionate about runescape for more than 10 years .Runescape was completely free for players to use in 2001, and paid membership options were launched in 2002.This event is a landmark in runescape.

There are no constant things in this world, everything is changing, runescape is a good example,it is advancing with the times. This game has attracted countless players in the past ten years due to its user-friendly design and free service in the early stage. It also brings great freshness to players by constantly updating tasks and modes, which also gives us A lot of inspiration and reference.

In a wordl, runescape can always meet the needs of players and keep up with the times, this is why we think that runescape is so popular. Our website also tried  our best to provide the best service for game players,we hope RsgoldBuy will be your best friend.