​Why is Runescape still so popular?

Now, under the influence of the new coronavirus, many people stay at home alone, turn on their computers and start playing games. I am the same, according to my habits, I will buy some Old School Runescape Gold, and then enjoy the fun of the game. But why was the game so popular at the time? How did this free online RPG game develop in Cambridge attract so much attention? How is today's game?

RuneScape is a point-to-point easy-to-understand way. In the early days, almost all skill training or almost all battles with monsters were "clicking on something and waiting for something to happen", which made anyone who could use the mouse Can play games. Improving any of these 19 skills is usually a simple task (27 when it was launched in 2004), but it still takes a long time.

Runescape's combat system will produce triangle melee, magic and long-range attacks, each of which is stronger than the other two, but weaker than the other (for example, long-range attack and destroy the enemy's melee-but the equipment administrator uses extra's resistance to spell damage), but means that the conflict between the two attributes is a weighted random number generator. Players can quickly switch the entire device by clicking before the next attack animation, and start calculating damage.

PvP is very popular, mainly because the initial combat system is very simple, but also because the player's skills and accurate timing may break the balance. Game developer-Jagex is happy to let the meta form of the game itself, the quack structure of the more lovely PvP battle core players. Jagex is not afraid to create new projects that disrupt the balance of meta-elements because the player-driven economy can fully control the value of the project based on its performance. It wasn't until Jagex's first very unwelcome change that the decline of the game in the eyes of many-began.

In the past, buying new armor or new weapons required players to play their games with unofficial "deal centers" in the park, working hard and rehearsing for several hours until they were exposed to the remaining shellfish Class player. But through a large trading platform, players can search for items to buy or list all items to be sold at a predetermined market price or any other custom value. Therefore, I am limited to using gold coins on https://www.rsgoldbuy.com/, because the transaction speed here is very fast, you can complete the order to enjoy the game in a few minutes.