​Why do so many people want OSRS Hallowed Sepulchre Agility Course

The sacred tomb is located in the new Ammair area. The easiest way to get here for the first time is to use the Draken Medal obtained from the sins pursued by his father. Without the Sins of the father, you will not be able to enter the Hallowed Sepulchre Agility Course.

It is completely different from all other agile courses in traditional Runescape. The regular agility course requires you to just follow the path and click to complete the course, while the sacred tomb takes a completely different approach. To participate in the Hallowed Sepulchre Agility Course, you need at least 52 agility.

Halloween Sepulchre Agility Course

1. How to get there

2. What are the requirements for the sacred tomb?

3. What is the sacred grave agility course

4. How to grab the coffin for the agility of the sacred tomb

5. Make money quickly

6. The experience value of the Holy Tomb agility course

7. Sacred tomb reward

8. Sacred Tomb OSRS Video Guide

9. Summary

This osrs agility guide for the Holy Tomb will cover all the knowledge you need to start this new course.

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