​What rewards will you get for redoing Arceuus Spellbook

Arceuus Spellbook is the latest Spellbook added to Old School RuneScape, first introduced when Kourend was released. Most of its uses come from the various teleports available, as well as resurrection spells, which can bring the suppressed head to life and be defeated, thereby giving prayer experience and favor to Arceuus in the process.

In addition, Spellbook is rarely used. Redoing it has always been an ongoing topic in the community, and some players have actually created concepts about the appearance of the redone Arceuus spelling book, such as the entire revision created by Reddit user LordGozer2! Even our own Mod West laughed at a completely remade spelling book in 2018!

The release of Kingdom Split is our perfect opportunity to finally accept this popular request. Mod West has been working hard to create a new Arceuus magic book, and we hope to use this as an additional reward for completing the task.

We must quickly understand what Mod West thought and how he did his latest work. If you manage to overcome the recognized incomprehensible colors, then you can really start to see the potential of the remade Arceuus Spellbook. If the final revised version is confirmed, RSgoldBuy will inform you as soon as possible.