What kind of game mode is Oldschool RuneScape League

Oldschool RuneScape League is a brand new game mode where you can take this opportunity to start from scratch. Each limited-time league has its own set of rules, designed to test your skills, determination and your old school knowledge. Upgrade as soon as possible, complete tasks and earn points to customize your experience. You must use all the skills, knowledge and determination to develop a feasible strategy.

In the new game mode, you will embark on a journey to complete hundreds of mission challenges, conquer various missions to collect artifact points, complete as many missions as possible and unlock artifacts. You usually need a certain amount of OSRS Gold to get the preparation you need on the journey. You will be more and more courageous.

Heroic efforts in the league should not only be rewarded on the HiScore page. We will provide unprecedented rewards for the league and home games. After completing tasks in Old School RuneScape Leagues, you will earn league points, which can be redeemed for rewards in the League Reward Store in the main game.

Your league-to-league rewards will only last in the future league world. They are automatically unlocked based on the level of rewards you get. The more points you unlock, the more exciting your task will become. If you want to unlock more tasks, you probably need to find a reliable trading website to Buy OSRS Gold. RSgoldBuy.com is a professional game trading service website, which can provide you with various services at any time to protect your games. Smoother.