​The old school Runescape will provide a new method of fishing-Tempoross

Fishing has always been a favorite activity of old school Runescape players. The existing fishing methods always have some problems. Today we are talking about a brand-new fishing technology, Tempoross.

Tempoross is a new, fun, and social fishing training method. We hope that all members with at least 35 phishing levels can use it. Our goal is to create an accessible social phishing skill encounter that provides an alternative to the current level of recursion.

With this in mind, our intentions for this boss are:

       It should support groups of 1 to 40+.

       High-level, experienced players should not be hindered by low-level players, and these low-level and/or new players should still be useful to their team.

       10HP account, 3s level and HCIM should be able to participate without risk.

       If the player does not increase the burden, he may fail.

Existing fishing methods can cause a lot of downtimes, so Tempoross should be a faster experience. However, it should still be grindable without being used up.

This is an alternative to the existing fishing method and the current meta. The boss should not provide the best experience value and the best fish rate. We don't want to prevent everyone from fishing around Gielinor, because this adds life and character to the world!

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