​The magnificent worldview in the "RuneScape" game

"RuneScape" was released in January 2001, second only to World of Warcraft in the world, and has won the Guinness World Record "the most popular free MMORPG game"

The game has been in operation for 15 years, but it is still popular today. It has a high popularity of live streaming and viewers on twitch. What is more amazing is that it is a real web JAVA online game.Buy OSRS Gold from rsgoldbuy is your best choice.

"RuneScape" is commonly known as Jianghu. It has a complete RS Gold trading system that fully reflects the human life system.

Want to equip? Pick up your iron pickaxe to dig up the mine, then put it into the stove to make a plate. Swing your hammer to knock out the equipment you want.

Want to light a fire and cook your salmon caught from the river with feathers as bait?

Pick up your axe and cut down the tree, then light the cut tree to restore your vitality.

"RuneScape" has three major combat systems, namely Warrior, Archer and Magician. You can freely switch between various equipment and weapons.

The most amazing is the RS Gold exchange that corresponds to reality.

You can put extra items to sell to get RS Gold or use RS Gold you own to buy the items you want. The price of each item of RS Gold will fluctuate with supply and demand.

There are too many things to wait for you to discover

. In the game "RuneScape", you will strive to improve various skills, such as combat, mining, crafts, fishing, etc., complete hundreds of missions, and explore a vast expanse of achievements, adventures, NPCs, and PvP world. It has everything and does better than other games.

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