The impact of OSRS Costume Room Rework update on Ultimate Iron

Costume Room Rework stores incomplete data sets. This interface will help you point out the missing bits. You can also store board legs and board skirts for each group, although you only need one board leg to be considered complete.

You save the project by clicking the left mouse button. When you have too many clothes and don't know how to find them, the new convenient access function can directly search for specific parts, so you will become more relaxed.

Through the "Deposit Mode" switch, you can switch between storing items individually and storing them in groups, while the "Deposit All" button can transfer all materials in the inventory to storage. The purpose of the game is mainly to fight monsters or upgrade equipment, but you still need a lot of OSRS Gold to support your ambitions.

For most people, this update will free up some much-needed banking space. However, for some people, the lack of storage options is all the fun, so the following rules will take effect for Ultimate Iron players:

Ultimate Iron players may not withdraw an incomplete set from anywhere in the Costume Room.

However, they can store in complete sets - but beware, as they'll be inaccessible until the full set is completed!

You will be warned before depositing individual set pieces to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

Ultimate Iron players may not store duplicate items in the Costume Room.

This update will convert your old data to the new format is a difficult task, and errors may occur. If you find that you lost the Costume Room project during this update process, please right-click the "Report" button to open the "Bug Report" form and let the tester know what is missing and where to look for it. They are already paying close attention so that we can return any missing items as soon as possible.

This task does not look that complicated. For players, the updated Costume Room experience will be better. However, repetitive tasks will inevitably make players feel tired. It is better to Buy OSRS Gold directly from the reliable supplier to improve the efficiency of the game and make your character more powerful.