​The difference between the free membership and paid membership in Runescape

RuneScape: "Jianghu" is a real online game, you need to register as a free or paid member, each character here is a real person, with RS Gold transaction costs very similar to the real world. In this medieval river and lake, you can choose to be a samurai, archer, or magician; you can also choose to be a chef, carpenter, or smelter. In the game, you will see dwarves, giants, wizards, monks, savages, pirates, corpses, lizardmen, monsters, demons, and different animals (small mice to dragons) and so on. There are 51 kinds of attack magic, 15 kinds of protection magic, 50 customs clearance questions, 5 cities, 1 barren continent, and countless underground castles, which constitute the entire Runescape rivers and lakes.Buy OSRS GP from rsgoldbuy is your wise choice.

The free members of "Riverscape" Runescape have 7 missions and upgrade to paid members with 33 more. And in the future, there will be new tasks waiting for you to complete. After the game is upgraded, the following new contents have been added:

● New Viking area with new cities and missions

● Large tundra, with penguins, mammoths, polar bears, etc.

● New pyramid with traps, treasures, and mummies

● Multiple undead zones for players to explore and find new items

● New archer training zone

● Wait. . . . .

These newly added regions will make it easier for paid members to obtain RS Gold. Compared with free members, paid members will have the following obvious differences.

1. The map size is different. There are a lot of paying members. . .


. I can do a few hundred more tasks. Non-members are double digits


.A lot of skills can be added (stealing, agility, agriculture, herbalism, bow and arrow making, summoning, building a house...) and these skills are all good ways to earn RS Gold.


.It is also better than non-members in non-member skills (you can use advanced weapons, advanced armor, advanced tools, advanced magic...)


.RS Gold resources are much richer than non-members (earn RS Gold quickly, of course, spend RS Gold quickly)

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