The 10th Annual Golden Gnome Awards have been revealed!

The 10th Annual Golden Gnome Awards has been announced! If you missed the live broadcast of the awards ceremony, please don't worry, we have listed here a large list of all the winners. You can also watch the replay via Youtube.

Special thanks to everyone in the RuneScape and Old School RuneScape communities for making our game such a wonderful place. This year has been a difficult year, but all community members, whether they are musicians, artists, video creators, streamers, or players with a lot of community spirit, have devoted their time and energy to make our game better. Without further ado, let's see the winner!

Video Award

   Best New Old School RuneScape video creators: 9Rain

   Best old-school RuneScape video creators: J1mmy

   Best Old School RuneScape Video: xzact and Rendi: 3 Combat Fire Cloak

Streaming Awards

   Best New and Old School RuneScape Streaming Media: Synq

   Best Old School RuneScape Streamer Band: Odablock

Art Award

   Best New and Old School RuneScape Artist: CrombOSRS

   Best Old School RuneScape Artist: 7thSleeper

   Best old school RuneScape artwork: Lismokey: Avatar Intro, but it is RuneScape

   Best Music Creation Award: J1mmy: Sandy Confession

Role Playing Award

   Best costume for role-playing: AltF4 reproduces the Valkyrie costume

   Best role-playing prop: NoxiousIRL's entertainment on Noxious Scythe

Community champion

This year's Community Champion Award went to RS and OSRS Wiki! The Wiki team and their contributors surpassed everyone and made our game more oily. Especially in the archeology and steam release of RuneScape and Leagues II, the wiki has provided years of knowledge sharing, making Old School RuneScape and RuneScape more game visibility.

Outstanding Community Achievement

The award for Outstanding Community Achievement goes to Faux! Out of Faux's big heart and rich community spirit, we provide the first outstanding community achievement award ever.

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