RuneScape will celebrate its 20th-anniversary adventure in January

A recent tweet from the official RuneScape account showed that they had been invited to participate in the RS20 grand party on January 4, which means that RuneScape will celebrate its 20th-anniversary adventure in 2021. If the final anniversary is about to pass, then you can expect a lot of new content and rewards.

For MMORPG, it is incredible that Old School RuneScape and RuneScape have flourished in the market for 20 years. Old School RuneScape may be more popular today than at any time in its long history.

In this invitation, the RS team will have an in-depth understanding of the events planned for the Grand Party, discuss the past of the game, and explore the future development of RS. After the event, We will see a full version of the party content, RsgoldBuy will continue to provide players with OSRS related content. For your convenience, please remember to bookmark our website: