​RuneScape's dinosaur-filled The Land Out of Time expansion

Old School Runescape won the bafta 2019 award for the best mobile game. In October 2018, Jagex launched the game on iOS and Android platforms and won the award in a public vote, defeated Fortnite, Pokemon Go and Clash Royale. This change was very successful, since its release on mobile, the Old School Runescape game has been downloaded and installed on 6.4 million devices.OSRS Gold is your best choice.

Also in 2018, a major update to RuneScape, land beyond time, has been released, a replica of the old school that is uniquely driven by its passionate global community and has a rich mission system. With a quest setting up the exploration of the new island and having to use eight different skills in the limited time Breaking the Storm event to finally finish the ship. It brings dinosaurs into the modern era, bringing a new island to the game and allowing players to delve into Gielinor's distant past.

Anachronia island is an ancient continent. Before the game update, players only found the bones of the dead dinosaurs, the time and the story of the land, giving us an introduction to life on this continent: Triceratops, Pterodactyle, and even the huge tyrannosaurus rex, look extraordinary compared to what might be expected.

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