​RuneScape Mobile will enter testing later this year

RuneScape Mobile is about to undergo a long trial in the closed Beta version, and will soon begin to enter the player's early experience. The players who are qualified for the test are not only RS3 Gold tycoons, so RSGOLDBUY is here to wish you all good luck! The announcement was made available on RuneFest in Farnborough on Saturday.

The latest version of RuneScape has a modified user interface specifically designed for touch screen devices including tablets, and also has cross-platform support, which means you can easily play an account on PC and mobile devices , The account will synchronize all the information on the PC side, including skills, equipment, RS Gold and so on.

RuneScape Mobile is obviously a huge advantage, because in the past many game PC to mobile device ports could not be realized. Judging from the interface of RuneScape Mobile alone, the UI of the mobile terminal looks very fashionable, the style of RS Gold, the design is also very unique, and the overall operation is very smooth. This means that in regular games, those who have played the PC version extensively may find it difficult to adapt to the slower speed of the mobile version, because most of the operations on the mobile terminal will take longer to execute. But RuneScape Mobile has no such concerns. The current Early Access version has solved many smaller problems (mainly about mini maps).

RuneScape players are impressed with what the team has done so far. Those who have not entered the beta version can reserve Buy RS3 Gold a lot. After RuneScape Mobile is fully launched, a lot of RS Gold will also make the game more fun. increase. It is hoped that RuneScape Mobile can keep loyal to the PC version while gaining more mobile game players in the future.