​RuneScape Mobile's latest archaeological game released on RuneFest

Many RuneScape players may have noticed that in the recent skill introduction, a new skill called "Archaeology" has been added. Many people do not understand this new profession and new skills. In fact, this is the latest official RuneScape official. One of the updated content.

RuneScape Mobile wants players to explore the unprecedented history of RuneScape with their latest skill "Archeology" and create more plots. "Archaeological skills" is called the 28th skill of MMORPG classics. In order to improve the archaeological level of RuneScape players, the mission is rewarded with a very high OSRS Gold to encourage players to visit and dig on the vast land of Gielinor.

These excavation points often have priceless treasures, powerful artifacts and fierce weapons. They are buried deep underground, waiting for RuneScape players to personally dig. These priceless treasures are not simply purchased with RS Gold. .

Moreover, with the in-depth exploration of RuneScape players, you will gradually find that the new knowledge and demon treaties lost in those times are equivalent to starting new plot missions. As long as players follow the guidelines and complete the appropriate missions, they will definitely get Rich RS Gold rewards and various interesting and powerful skills,

RuneScape official also announced that it plans to update a new plot called "Land of Overtime" this summer, also

In the RuneScape community, players have the most popular "Timeout Ranch". Looking at the introduction, this sounds really great. It allows RuneScape players to nurture and care for Gilino-style dinosaurs. Although all this looks like, RS Gold will not cost very little.

The ranch will be open before the end of this year. Thankfully, we won’t need much time to start our own Jurassic Park tour.

In this update, another important content is that the maximum level of agriculture and animal husbandry and Herblore skills will be increased from 99 to 120, which means that RuneScape players can use new skills to harvest agricultural products and original extracts from pet dinosaurs. , In order to prepare a powerful potion and earn a lot of RS Gold.

With the release of "Time in the Ranch", RuneScape players will see a new legend and quest line season in 2020. Although a lot of new content will appear every year, this time it involves dinosaurs, which will make RuneScape very interesting, because some of the updated things can not be bought with RS Gold.Buy OSRS Gold from rsgoldbuy is your best choice.