"RuneScape" impression: Gower brothers' web pages

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Gower Brothers' game

In 1999, Andrew Gower and his brother Paul Gower, who were still studying at the Fitzwilliam College of Cambridge University, established a studio called Jagex with their computer programming skills.

On January 4, 2001, the first public beta version of "RuneScape" was officially born. At that time, the "RuneScape" game used 3D scenes and 2D character expressions. Although the image quality was relatively crude, it had a 3D effect webpage. The game was very new at the time.

With the steady development of the game, the player group of "RuneScape" has gradually grown up. Jagex was able to expand the company, and the Gower brothers and Constant Tedder also decided to make a major change to "RuneScape". The test version of "RuneScape 2" was launched in December 2003.

"RuneScape 2" has a brand new look and is more suitable for the UI design of the magic theme. The player's choice on the interface is more intuitive and convenient. The improved graphics allow the characters to be expressed in 3D, and the game has officially become a 3D MMORPG that can be played on the web page.you can visit https://www.rsgoldbuy.com/Rs3-Gold to buy what you want.