​RSgoldBuy wish all players 2020 Happy New Year

Today is the last day of 2020. Many of us have had a hard life this year. Due to the pandemic, many users are forced to stay at home, and the number of daily players and active members of RuneScape has reached its highest level in five years. Most importantly, the new players who joined RuneScape are more persistent than ever and have provided us with positive feedback.

The RuneScape team provides more than 50 weekly releases every year and runs very stable games. They adjusted, implemented to plan and fulfilled their commitment to the new monthly plan.

The RuneScape team completed the release of Archaeology under difficult conditions and released it on a brand-new platform like Steam. Although these have achieved good results, looking back on the journey they have gone through, every piece will make People moved.

Thanks to the support of the RuneScape team and players, the popularity of the RuneScape community has been greatly improved, and the close connection between developers and players has been strengthened.

In the next plan, the RuneScape team will continue to work hard to continuously improve the team's capabilities and provide RuneScape and its players with richer game content and exciting activities. Continuously develop for the innovation of Runescape.

RSgoldBuy has grown with the development of the RuneScape team. It is precise because of the support of many players that RSgoldBuy will have the motivation to provide users with better services. We will continue to provide OSRS Gold and equipment to serve you online 24/7.