​RSgoldBuy has been updated in early November

After a few days, careful fans should have noticed that our RSgoldBuy site has been completely revised in order to better meet the needs of users. We only hope to provide users with more convenient and faster services.

This revision mainly focuses on the following three aspects:

1. The visual effect is more comfortable. In order to protect users from the eye damage caused by browsing the website for a long time, we adopt the dark blue tones, while simplifying the page and improving the beauty of the website.

2. Improve user experience. In order to improve the shopping experience and browsing needs of users, through data analysis, we put the longest browsing and used functions of users in the most conspicuous place, which is convenient for users to browse. At the same time, we strengthened the security and convenience of payment to make users Shopping is more comfortable and secure.

3. We will pay more attention to the content output. Hope to bring users the most timely and practical game information and guides in the future. Of course, if there is a promotion on the site, we will also inform in advance, to avoid some users from missing the offer because the information is not timely.

Some players may have such doubts that the decoration of the website looks more luxurious than before. Will the OSRS Gold and other products sold be more expensive?

Fortunately, RSgoldBuy will not transfer it to consumers just because it consumes its own human and material resources. We always adhere to the principle of service first, and always provide the best service whenever it is below the average market price. We continue to pursue safe delivery, instant delivery, and fast delivery, and always support 24/7 online services.

As long as it meets the user experience, we will continue to improve. Thanks also to the fans of RS who have always supported us.