helps players experience RuneScape better

As a classic game, RuneScape is almost accompanied by everyone's youth, but as time goes by, people's life changes have gradually reduced the time in the game, and RuneScape has been left out by people. But the real decline in the number of RuneScape players was in 2012. The update of the battle evolution makes RuneScape the same as other MMORPGs, and players are no longer as interested as before.

If you feel that RuneScape has fallen, you are very wrong. The reason why RuneScape will be prosperous is that it pays more attention to the player's opinion survey in the game, listens to the friendly suggestions of most players in the community, and makes corresponding changes. So far, in 2013 RuneScape returned to the public's vision with a new look, Old School Runescape. Thousands of players were instantly attracted by the new game of Old School Runescape. This may be one of the best decisions Jagex made.

Although Old School RuneScape is a variation of RuneScape, it has not been badly affected by RuneScape. Instead, it pays more attention to the game experience of players and continues to create better works to serve more fans. New bosses, items and missions will be released regularly, each update is challenging, and the storyline is richer, always bringing surprises to players.

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