​RS 20th Anniversary Celebration will hold Grand party Every week

RuneScape is 20 years old, and the RS 20th anniversary celebration is held in the game! In this event, you will enjoy RS anniversary cakes, balloon drops with rewards and more. To participate in the grand party, head to the Lumbridge Crater, and in the next month, we will celebrate all aspects of the game by offering buffs and rewards as well as juicy 10% XP rewards in the crater.

No suitable dress? Don't panic, go to the crater to talk to the wise old man and ask for your 20th Anniversary costume and cloak.

The one-month mega event will hold events once a week, each event celebrating a different aspect of the wonderful world of RuneScape and bringing incredible bonuses.

In this anniversary event, purple, silver, and yellow balloons fall near the lost one every 30 minutes (except Prifddinas). You can burst up to 50 balloons, and each burst balloon will reward you with an item. The following are the possible rewards for balloons:

Reward XP stars (small)

Chinese cabbage

RS Gold

Celebration cake

Celebration candle

chocolate cake



Meat Pizza

Plain pizza

Small XP light

The first week, this week is a celebration. You can participate in three small tasks, which feature iconic characters on the RuneScape roster. Go to the crater and win some special prizes, such as a new 20th Anniversary cake, XP lights and more!

When training in the crater, you will get a 10% XP gain that is not too shabby. After logging in on January 4, the anniversary cake will be automatically placed in your inventory. You can eat the RS Anniversary Cake every 3 minutes to replenish up to 2200 life points (under 88 Constitution). You need to be at least 88 constitutions to get all the healing from this anniversary cake.

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