Revenant Caves' PvP changes are being planned

What are Revenant Caves?

Revenant caves, also known as Forinthry dungeons, are a group of caves found in the wilderness. Only members can enter, it is an extremely dangerous cave, Bandit Camp and Dark Warriors' Fortress, ranging from level 17 to level 40 wilderness, and most of them are multi-battle areas; only the exit and nearby areas are one-way battles.

Players engaged in wild killer missions may find caves very useful because all monsters are potential missions. Players who wield the amulet of greed will find that all water droplets falling from cave dwellers will also appear in obvious forms, thinking that they will be permanently skullized when equipped.

Revenant Caves Project-Ongoing PvP Changes

The gaming community has received a lot of suggestions from players, two of which are particularly popular: roaming the ruins and transforming the cave.

Roaming revenants were originally created as an alternative to PvP-they were there to mimic the experience of being attacked by PKer. We are worried that roaming players will soon cause great troubles to PvM players and PK players who want to enjoy "wilderness" content, and PK players will therefore reduce their lucrative goals. Therefore, roaming revenants are about to be abandoned.

Therefore, modifying the cave is the developer's choice. The problem with Revenant Caves is not so much related to the cave itself, as it is to the evil use of the cave itself, so the developer's modification work focuses on reducing the possibility of abuse.

Next, we will remove the multi-party combat in the cave and replace it with "singles plus". As you know, in normal areas of the wilderness, players attacked by NPCs cannot be attacked by other players. Very good when used legally, but when the player encounters the NPC area and "boxes" to escape the PK, it will cause problems.

The "singles plus" in the singles plus sign is our plan to solve this problem. In short, PvP battles will always be the priority in Revenant Caves, which means that if the player fights with an NPC and a PKer appears, the PKer can immediately evacuate the player "PJ" from the NPC and bring it into the PvP battle.

As part of the work of Revenant Caves, we will also look at Revenant's own drop table and mechanism, in which players with skulls will have a better chance of plundering. After the release, this is likely to be one of the focuses of the content discussion, and we can work together to ensure that appropriate value is provided for the risks involved.

Finally, we will relocate the Slayer monsters in Revenant Caves to their own cave, which is located in the appropriate wilderness south of Larran's Chest and northwest of Veenatis. This multi-party battle dungeon will be more spacious, which gives us time to expand the "wilder killer" task list in the future. All creatures in the new dungeon have an increased chance of dropping Lalan Key, so it's worth a visit.

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