​Raksha, The Shadow Colossus of Orthen is Coming Soon!

Raksha is Shadow Colossus of Orthen, a new senior solo and duo owner who will come to Orthen on December 7, ranking between Araxxor and Telos in difficulty.

For those willing to face such beasts, there are many rewards, so if you think you are ready for the challenge, then it is best to start preparing now-the battle begins on December 7th!

Raksha will be one of RuneScape's biggest challenges. It is recommended that you bring the best Items and the strongest strategy. If you do not have sufficient inventory, you can come to the RSgoldBuy site to find one. There is always one that suits you. RSgoldBuy will help you win with the best service!

For the novices, RuneScape Advent Calendar is an ancient tradition. Open a door every day until Christmas, and then show the gifts in it! Every time you open the door on the same day, you will receive a free treasure hunt key and a grand prize: the lovely Sir Colinton Embers plush doll!