​PvP can finally experience Soul Wars in Old School RuneScape

Soul Wars was introduced to RuneScape as early as 2009. It is considered a classic legacy from the old game, which has led to a request from the community. When it was originally nominated, more than 50,000 players participated in the competition, and 83% of them said they wanted it to be part of Old School RuneScape.

Add this mode to Old School RuneScape, you can include other legacy content in the game. Coincidentally, the first release of this model coincides with the 20th anniversary of RuneScape. There is no doubt that for players, Soul Wars is a kind of nostalgia, and it can also attract those who want PvP.

The old school RuneScape finally launched a PvP game mode called Soul Wars for the first time. In this mode, up to 120 players fight with it to kill as many enemies as possible. Based on the number of kills, players can earn victory points that can be redeemed for many major game rewards.

What's more exciting is that Soul Wars is hosted by Nomad. The Warrior Master is the same mini-game as the original game version released more than ten years ago. This is the re-introduction of Soul Wars by RSgoldBuy in this issue. This time it should have satisfied many players. Besides, if you need OSRS Gold while playing old school RuneScape, you can also buy it quickly from RSgoldBuy.com. We support instant delivery and 24/7 online service.