​OSRS: How to get more rewards in Treasure hunting?

Treasure hunting is a daily activity, I believe many players have done it. Players will receive a certain number of keys every day. There are many ways to use keys to unlock Chests to win prizes.  These keys can be obtained in the same way as rotation. Any unused spins or unclaimed prizes will become keys. Each key can unlock a box and reward players with random prizes, each of which has a different degree of rarity.

Five Chests will be provided in the game. Each contains white, yellow, orange, red, or purple gems. Once the chest is selected, you can use the key to open it and display gems containing rare prizes. Players can choose to put the prize in the bank or inventory (if there is space), discard it, collect or cash a small number of coins later.

Each item has a category, which gives an idea of the item's purpose and function. The categories are as follows:

Players can use Hearts of Ice to "freeze" a single category, which prevents you from acquiring any items belonging to that category. Only skill categories and promotion categories can be frozen. You can freeze up to 10 categories each time you use an Hearts of Ice. If the player gets an item from the frozen category, the item will be rejected and another item will be selected from the remaining unfrozen items.

Each treasure chest opened will deduct the total number of frozen categories from the player's Hearts of Ice, regardless of whether the acquired items are associated with the frozen category. The frozen categories will remain selected until the player deselects them.

Details of 10 treasure hunt keys

There are multiple ways to obtain treasure hunt keys through gameplay and other methods. Whenever the key is obtained, Hearts of Ice will also be obtained as a reward. In addition, every time you use 5 buttons a day, you will get 5 extra ice hearts.

The keys in the treasure hunt are used in the following order:

Daily key

Obtained keys (up to 100, available through the game)

Buy key

Daily key

The number of keys obtained by different members every day is also different. The treasure hunter will reset every midnight UTC. The daily key will not roll over to the next day, so players are required to log in every day and use the daily key for maximum benefit. Free players get one key a day, while members usually get two keys a day, while members who buy silver or gold VIP clubs get three keys a day.

Monster drop

Almost every monster Runescape, unless those small games or dungeons have a chance to drop key tokens. If you already have 10 or more obtained keys, they can still be deleted, but you will not be able to claim them until you have less than 10 obtained keys.

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