​OSRS Halloween Event 2020 Guide (It was so easy)

For this year's OSRS Halloween event, we will invite a hapless young wizard Rick to participate in this year's Halloween event and turn his head into a pumpkin! You will get certain rewards for completing tasks.

To start the OSRS 2020 Halloween event, please go to the woods southeast of Dnornor Village. Enter Rick's room through the orange entrance on the north side of the Tower of Wizards and talk to Rick. Search the bed and get Rick's box. You can get Rick's head after solving the puzzle.

You will also find Rick heading to the small camp at the western end of Lumbridge Marsh in the woods between Lumbridge Marsh and Drynor Village. Check the fire and watch the cutscenes. To help him, you must find new and old friends, prove your wit, and face supernatural creatures outside this world!

Talk to Wizard Mizgog on the 2nd floor. Dancing on the fire, drinking from the cauldron, and eating from the bucket. Talk to Wizard Mizgog again and get the spell. Go back to Rick's room with the spell.

Complete the Halloween event 2020 mission and you will receive all the rewards of the Halloween event, including two famous Halloween mask suits and tradable pumpkins, Spooky costumes, pumpkin lanterns, skull lanterns, etc. There are two new rewards this year-one of them is the magic pumpkin seed, which players can plant in their garden.

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