​OSRS Fishing Skill Boss: Tempoross Location

In the abandoned remains of the ancient town of Enka Ruins on the west coast of the Khalid Desert, a port was built and a group of spiritual anglers called the Sea Spirit Pier was formed. To fight the threat, spiritual anglers desperately need all the help they can provide to make the ocean safe again.

Players will be able to reach the Sea Spirit Dock safely with a small team of rowing boats, which will transport you from Al Kharid. The player must face Tempoross between the two ships. Fishing spots will lay eggs on the north and south sides of the island, providing much-needed ammunition for loading cannons, and allowing you to run on the island with your friends!

You need to go through two stages in this fishing mission.

Phase 1: Storm

You will experience Core Loop: Gathering and Loading,

Adding Layers: Attacks, Wave Attack, lightning strikes, torrent attacks, and storm intensity are all in the link of Brother Liu. Under the surface, glowing spirit fish swarmed and burst into huge water.

Phase 2: Merging

If the energy of Tempoross is successfully reduced to zero before the storm becomes too strong, it will submerge and trigger Phase 2. When the huge form is immersed in the water, the strong vortex whirls, attracting scattered spirit fish.

Tempoross has three important statistics, if you want to prevail, you need to pay attention to the following points:

   Energy-behaves like armor regeneration and reduces energy in the first stage.

   Mental-behave like healthy and decrease in the second stage.

   Storm intensity-Phase 1 failure timer. You must reduce its energy before reaching 100%!

You will get Pool of Debris, Fish Barrel, Tackle Box, Spirit Angler's Outfit Style, Harpoonfish Trophy, Tome of Water and Soaked Pages, etc. for completing game missions. These rewards will be of great help to your future fishing missions.

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