​OSRS Change to Zamorakian & Dragon Spear Shove Special Attack

Setting the player as the target and staying in place indefinitely is contrary to the spirit of the game, so this change did not pass the polls. According to the latest Sheve Special Attack Changes official blog, the development team has modified the working methods of Shove special attacks on weapons such as Dragon and Zamorak Spear.

After the change, in order to prevent being bound by spells such as Entanglement or Entangling, using the Shove special attack will now apply three seconds of immunity. Once the Shove special attack stun effect disappears, this immunity cycle will be activated.

Here is an example of how it works:

Player A uses the Zamorakian spear to make a special attack on player B

Shove pushes pushes player B back and stuns him for three seconds

The push effect expires on Player B

Player B gets a three-second save from the effect of the bound spell

Player A cannot cast bound spells on Player B for three seconds

Immunity for binding spell effects expires

Player A can freely cast bound spells on Player B

The binding spell effect on Player B has expired

Player B gets a three-second bound spell immunity save

In short, if the player is affected by the Shove special attack, after the Shove stun effect disappears, they should gain immunity to bound spells for three seconds. I think that players should be satisfied with such changes. In addition, if you need cheap OSRS Gold, you can also buy it from https://www.rsgoldbuy.com/. We provide 24/7 online service and fast delivery.