​OSRS Bloodbark & ​​Swampbark Armour Designs will launch the latest design

The latest designs of OSRS Swampbark armor and Bloodbark armor are coming soon. They will be added along with the OSRS Mort'ton redo shadow update scheduled to be released in early 2021. You can learn about these newly designed armors before the Mort'ton update is released.

OSRS Bloodbark armour is a set of improved split leather equipment, proposed together with guard skills. They are a set of mage robes that require level 55 magic and defense to wear. In order to protect the scene, players need level 55 guards, as well as vyre silk and blood skin.

OSRS junior character artist Mod West revealed the latest designs of OSRS Bloodbark and Swampbark armor on Twitter. Swamp leather armor and blood leather armor are new magic armor. You will spend a certain amount of runes to make swamp leather armor and use a split leather armor on the altar of nature.

-Swamp leather gloves and boots require 100 natural runes and 42 Runecraft.

The swamp bark helmet requires 250 natural runes and 46 Runecraft.

-The upper limbs and legs of the swamp bark require 500 natural runes and 48 Runecraft.

The blood skin armor can be made by using a split leather armor on the blood altar, which also requires a certain amount of runes. -Blood bank gloves and boots require 100 blood runes and 77 Runecraft. -The blood leopard helmet requires 250 blood runes and 79 rune crafts. -Blood bank requires 500 blood runes and 81 Runecraft on the top and legs.

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