​OSRS 2020 Christmas event is in preparation

The OSRS 2020 Christmas event will be held in the world of Gielinor. If you want to have a green Christmas, you need to complete the following tasks as planned. Talk to Scrubfoot by the big Christmas tree, browse all the chat options, and find out what's going on.

Teach little fairies and accept the biggest challenge so far. After everything looks happy and splendid, you will receive some appropriate holiday rewards and all the rewards from previous events. .Talk to the generals and complete all the dialogue options.

For decorations-enter the cave in the northwest corner of the village. Pick up the sled, equip it, and walk along the path. Note that tiles with lines make you walk faster, while tiles with dots make you walk slower. When you reach the bottom, grab a red firefly and a green firefly. Use the crack in the wall next to the waterfall to exit the cave.

Go to Goblin Village to try sleigh racing. This is a new cold winter activity that will speed you up on the track to do your best! Eat-Go to the eastern house and talk to the chef below. Search for the shelves to the northwest, cabinets to the south and sacks to the east for stale bread, wood chips and rotten meat. Check the cauldron and simmer the food.

For gifts, go to the southwest building and check the box. Go through all the options and get things like meat, battle, and the Big High War God. Complete the mission and return and bring these gift bags to the generals.

After completing this year's Christmas event, you will get a huge boulder, and if you are a member, you will also get the fairy decoration OSRS. The fairy decoration can be used on the furniture in the house owned by the player, and this furniture can be changed in appearance to look like a Christmas theme. You can use it in the pool, fireplace, curtain and spiritual tree space.

You can still get rewards in previous Christmas activities, such as Christmas tree costumes, Christmas cookies, Santa Claus clothes, etc. This guide is believed to be helpful for you to participate in Christmas activities. If you want to get more Christmas OSRS Items, please click here to browse more: www.rsgoldbuy.com/