Old School Runescape: How to play Mahogany Homes

Mahogany house is a new cost-effective method in Old School Runescape to train buildings outside the player's own house. You will build and restore furniture at Mahogany Homes offices throughout Gielinor. Complete the task and you will get a certain reward.

Players who get started in Mahogany House must first have their own house. If you haven't already, you can buy it from any real estate agency for 1,000 GP. Obviously, players who want to enter the game must have a certain amount of capital, which is OSRS Gold.

You can easily obtain planks and nails from any office in Mahogany Homes according to your own architectural level and aesthetic standards. After talking to Mahogany Homes and getting a job, you will be taken to the home of an NPC in the area. If you are lucky, you will quickly discover the problem in their home, and just help them fix it!

Before you set off, RSgoldBuy recommends that you take some items with you-hammers and nails, wood boards of relevant grades, and some sundries, such as steel bars. This way, you don't have to go back to the bank halfway through work-or Guthix prohibits the use of Lumbermill.

After completion, you will get an appropriate amount of Construction XP, which can be expanded according to the difficulty of the work. You will also earn some Carpenter points, which is a special currency that you can spend in the Mahogany Homes reward store.

What rewards will you receive

The Mahogany House Rewards Store provides you with a variety of good things for you to spend your hard-earned carpenter points, including

Carpenter's clothes

Wooden bag

Equipment saw

Hosidius wall kit

Construction Supply Box

If you haven't accumulated enough GP to buy a house, you can go to our RSgoldBuy.com to Buy OSRS GP to help you quickly enter the game state. Start your Mahogany Homes game.