Old School Runescape: How to get more OSRS Gold quickly

Old School Runescape is a free game, which is why many players initially chose it, but the game content is also very interesting. As an example to help players better understand this game, we provide players with a free game guide. So, to talk about a topic that many players are more interested in, how can we quickly get more OSRS Gold?

Collecting wines of Zamorak – 250k GP per hour

Zamorak's wine will always be a high-demand product because it is a secondary product in Herblore's skills needed to create a distance measuring potion.

Collect spell runes and air runes for long-range grab spells, which require level 33 magic. Then head to the Temple of Chaos. To safely pick up the items, use the kinetic energy grab spell and wait for the wine to respawn again, or simply jump the world after each grab. After reaching the full inventory, store the items in any nearby bank, and repeat the process. This method of making money can provide players with about 250k GP per hour. One or two hours a day during the week can provide you with enough gold to guarantee.

Grind chocolate into chocolate powder – 130k GP per hour

Use a knife on a chocolate bar to get chocolate powder. They are used as ingredients in Herblore's skills to make energy potions, bake chocolate cakes, and are necessary for certain tasks.

Please collect as many Chocolate bars as possible through the store or Grand exchange. When using this method, you should stay away from the bank to maximize the GP per hour. Take out the knife, fill the remaining inventory with a chocolate bar, use the knife with the chocolate bar, and then click "Make All", or alternately send spam between the knife and the chocolate bar. Make sure you don't eat anything. Store the chocolate powder and repeat the process. This method of making money, if completed efficiently and quickly, can provide players with 130k GP per hour. However, you can also use the AFK method, but GP per hour will be greatly reduced.

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