Old School Runescape Construction Guide

OSRS is a classic MMOPRG. In the game, we all hope to have our own private space. Construction is also a skill that players have been waiting for. It allows players to build their mansions, buy furniture, decorate houses, and invite friends into their exclusive realm.

Player-owned houses are very useful because they provide a variety of teleportation options or altars for you to pray. But there are also many interesting activities in the house.

How to build a house

An extremely useful reference you need is a complete and sortable construction table that lists all rooms, items, materials, XP, and descriptions.

First, bring 1,000 coins to the real estate broker's office in Varrock, Falador, East Ardougne or Seers' Village. When you sell your house, you will be provided with a book that contains some information about Construction.

You buy a saw with 13 OSRS Gold at the south entrance of the sawmill operator Lumberyard. He will also take away your logs and turn them into boards, each with 100 coins. Prepare a few bags of luggage so as not to travel again. You can also get oak, teak or mahogany planks at a higher cost, although you won't be able to use them until your building level is higher.

You will need at least 50 steel nails. If you want to plant your garden first, please go to Falador Park and purchase at least 2 bags of plants 1 from the Garden Supplier east of the Tree patch. Bring your watering can and plants.

Now take a hammer, saw, 11 planks, 5 bolts, at least 11 nails (two or three times the breakage is allowed, but can be stacked), and maybe 10,000 coins. If necessary, bring 2 bags of plants 1 and 3 soft soils. Go to your house in Tavern. The large illuminated portal is the entrance to your own house, displayed on a small map with the following icons: Portal icon When you click the portal, a selection menu will be displayed.

Guide to Enter House Options

Select the build mode. You will be teleported to your house. In the construction mode option, you can choose to teleport to the outside of the house portal or enter the house directly.

You arrive at a spooky garden (each item is a potential spot for making or growing something). When you click inside the collapsed hut, you will see similar ghost objects. Walk to one of the chairs and select "Build". The chair type menu appears. Choose Crude wooden chair (you can only make it on Level 1). Two boards and two nails will be consumed (assuming your nails do not break), and you will have a real seat! Now make the second chair. You will get a construction level (116 XP in total)!

At level 2, you can make carpets (2 cloth; 30 XP), and some curtains (3 boards, 3 cloth, 3 nails; 132 XP) to cover all windows in the room. This makes you high enough to make a bookshelf (4 planks, 4 nails; 115 XP)!

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