​Magic Guide: How to use Old School RuneScape Magic correctly

Magic is one of the most important combat skills in Old School RuneScape and one of the three combat classes. It makes enchanted items fascinating. They can be quickly transported around the world through a conveyor belt, and they can also be converted into coins through advanced alchemy.

Magic may be the biggest source of OSRS GP in the game. Although you can play the game without learning magic, being able to use many spells, especially advanced alchemy and teleportation skills, is a huge advantage. Unlike melee and long-range defense, magic can well defend against magic attacks. Magic defense is actually determined by the level of magic (70%) and defense (30%) and the magic defense bonus.

To cast a spell, the player must select the desired spell from the spell book. First, let's take a look at some of the more commonly used spells.

Teleportation spells

Teleport spells are very popular among all players-both free players and members can, because teleport spells can save a lot of time when traveling around the world. Please note that teleportation spells cannot be used north of the 20th level wilderness, nor can they be used in any small combat-based games (such as Castle Wars and Pest Control).

Combat spells

All combat spells generate experience points related to the spell when they are cast, but they also provide experience points based on the amount of damage done to the opponent. Each damage point caused by a combat spell will generate 2 points of magic experience (ie, hitting 30 points will generate the basic experience of the spell + 60 points of magic experience) and 1.33 points of health.

In order to maximize accuracy, especially in terms of training and killing players, it is recommended that players be equipped with equipment that enhances magic, not equipment that reduces magic, and use temporary skills to increase magic and increase magic level. Most spells can be automatically cast. If the player swings a wand or wand, certain items need to be automatically cast for certain items.

Defensive casting

Although each damage point caused by a combat spell will generate 2 magic experience points and 1.33 health points during regular casting, if you click this button instead of the regular option, you will gain defense experience whenever you cast a combat spell, but Will gain reduced magic experience. In defense, for each damage point you gain, you will gain 1.33 magic experience points and 1 defense experience point, as well as the usual 1.33 HP experience points and basic magic experience that you can get every time you cast a spell.

A curse spell is any spell that causes negative damage to the target instead of harm. The curse is an underutilized part of magic, mainly because the spellcaster has almost no time wasted on casting damage spells. In prolonged battles, it may be a good idea to use one or two spells at the beginning. The curse is also useful when fighting for monster rebirth, because the curse immediately interacts with the monster.

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