​Let's enter God Wars Dungeon and play

God Wars Dungeon is also known as GWD, this is the dungeon where the army of various gods stayed from God Wars to fight. To get the slaughter mission related to God Wars Dungeon, the player must complete the Death Plateau mission.

If you have completed Eadgar's tricks and have level 61 magic, you can use the Trollheim Teleport (or equivalent Teleport tablet) to land on the top of the mountain east of the Troll Fortress. Players can reach Trollheim without losing other teleported inventory. This requires the use of two redirection reels on the two house telex meters to create two Trollheim telex meters. After the player uses the first tablet, he can restore the second tablet as a home telex device, eliminating the need to perform placement skills.

If you cannot use Trollheim Teleport, you can send it to Burthorpe. This route requires hiking boots, ropes, the starting point of the troll fortress and an endurance potion or some super energy to make the journey faster. From there, follow the blue route, passing wounded soldiers and plateaus of death, making sure to protect against firing range, or drive southwest at the fork to reach Tenzing's home.

Now, all four War of Gods dungeon generals has its own Ironman instances. If you are an Ironman, you will be transferred to a shared Ironman instance after entering a boss room. Ordinary players cannot enter this space, although other steel players can enter, which means you have much less chance of getting into trouble in battle.

The "peek" option at the door of each room will show you how many players are already in that boss's Ironman instance. You can also check the brazier outside the room-if the brazier is lit, which means someone is inside.