​Jagex employee, fired for stealing 45 billion RS Gold from Runescape

These days, the Runescape gaming community has widely spread a legend that Runescape games have been stolen, amounting to 45 billion RS Gold. Fortunately, the official studio has issued a statement saying that no credit card or bank information was lost due to breach of contract.RsgoldBuy is your best choice.

According to the staff: "After yesterday’s statement, we can confirm that the bank cards of Runescape players have not been compromised." We cooperate with the industry’s respected and fully compatible third-party payment companies, the purpose is to avoid people from contacting players. Bank card details. This is also conducive to the protection of personal privacy when players buy various RS Gold.

Runescape stated that we accept regular third-party testing to ensure that we maintain the highest safety standards.

In this case of the RS Gold theft, the general process is like this,

A few months ago, a Runescape player who played mazrim_lol on Reddit claimed that a "serious data breach" caused him to lose 45 billion RS Gold on his main account.

His claim was dismissed by some others, some of whom believed that the failure to keep the account properly, resulting in the loss of RS Gold, was his own fault, or that he might be lying completely. According to official investigations, the player did not lie, and his statement about the data breach was correct, which is actually an internal job of Jagex.

In an announcement released today, Runescape said: "We confirmed that a member of the Runescapee team was dismissed due to serious abuse of moderator privileges." During Runescape's rigorous routine system checks, a few accounts were found to be abnormal Activities, including the transfer of RS Gold wealth and items back to the live game. "

"After our investigation, before we can resolve this issue, we will take steps to return items and RS Gold to any affected account before any significant impact on the game’s RS Gold transaction. Although we generally do not return skills or equipment gold, We believe that, given this unusual situation, we want to make sure that Runescape players will not lose to the rogue behavior of a staff member."

Runescape added that it is "cooperating with the police" on the incident. The 45 billion RS Gold pieces are of considerable practical value, but the company currently says it cannot provide further details. However, according to this Resetera clue, it was found that the employee involved was Jed Sanderson, aka Mod Jed. In fact, he may have stolen more than 100 billion RS Gold in total, which is worth more than $100,000 in the gold sales market.

He is also allegedly involved in the reign of the terrorist family, which was accused of using DDoS attacks in tournaments to stop opponents, including a tournament worth $20,000 held in September last year. Jaegers said at the time that his investigation found no evidence of Sanderson’s misconduct, but after all of these were found out, the company would have a new perspective on him.

In a follow-up post, Mazrim_lol shared a picture of a message he received from Jagex Player Support, informing him that due to the “rare circumstances” of the case, it decided to restore his lost RS Gold wealth.

Runescape wrote: "We take such things very seriously, so we want to assure you that we have taken steps to ensure that such incidents will not happen again.

Happily, Mazrim Lore accepted his defense politely: "This RS Gold incident took a long time to tell me that I was just slacking in security," he wrote.https://www.rsgoldbuy.com/ Keep it safe Shopping environment.