​Is Runescape dying? If so, why?

To be honest, Runescape is alive and well! It did have a downfall when EOC came out and there wasn’t Old School Runescape, as it is called today. Old school is the game everyone grew up loving and EOC made a lot of players quit, including me. Since the release of Sell Runescape Gold, a lot of old players as well as new players have come to the game. The mobile OSRS for iPhone and Android also really increased the number of players. All the players that didn’t hop back on the train when OSRS was released got the option to train on the go with mobile OSRS! 

What can be more convincing than that? In my opinion, though, the majority of OSRS players are the players who played 10 years ago but we’re all older now. As we continue to grow older, get full-time jobs, start families, or whatever else comes as an adult, some of us may get busy and not have time for Runescape. (At least the amount of time needed to get those high levels and achievements) Jagex needs to focus on getting new teenagers into the game. It is a challenge since most teens do different things then teens of 10 years ago but its certainly possible. As long as Jagex continues to acquire younger new players, I think Runescape will continue to grow and thrive!

Its population right now is on the rebound. They're making the game changes to the game and that's attracting a lot of their old players back. New players now have a really good tutorial (as opposed to the old Tutorial Island, which was good but didn't quite teach enough) to adjust, and the game is revamped.

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