​Is buying RuneScape gold safe?

When you buy Runescape gold, you shall select those legit sites, there are many scamming sites doing advertise in google now, but they are not all legit, I receive lots of report per day, those innocent people chose fake sites for low price gold, but they didn’t have gold received, so if you want to buy Runescape gold from https://www.rsgoldbuy.com/Osrs-Gold, you may take my advice:

1, google for site reviews, for example, I choose gamer luck for Runescape gold buying from, if it's your first time to buy Runescape gold, you may check the reviews. you will see reviews from all buyers. some are positive and some are bad. according to these reviews, you will decide if this place is worth to choose for buying Runescape gold from.

as this place has very high excellent positives.

2, then you visit the place and get to live customer support, now you will see if this place responds to you fast and if they are professional on dealing with Runescape gold trade. check stock before you making orders, sometimes, some sites may have insufficient Runescape gold even they are legit, then you may not receive gold instantly. so this is important as well.

3, do not use level 3 account to trade gold, better use main & member account to take gold. Jagex on level 3 account ban rate is very higher than those main member high combat accounts. as JAGEX doesn’t take LVL 3 accounts as clients, but they treasure those high combat accounts as real clients.

Buying Runescape Gold from a forum like RsgoldBuy.com from a third party doesn’t hurt the game. That’s because these are simply other players trading their time for your money (and vice versa). But you want to make sure the seller isn’t botting or glitching to earn the gold. That does have a negative impact.

Just go to one of the established sellers on there like, who you know isn’t botting or glitching. Then you’re just using a broker to buy gold from other regular OSRS players. Their gold prices today are roughly 70 cents USD per million. So if you work a $10/hour job that’s like 14M+ OSRS Gold for one hour of work.

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