How to win Fishing Contest?

How to win Fishing Contest?

The residence in Dwarf Mountain would be an ideal way to safely cross White Wolf Mountain. However, dwarves don't like strangers very much. If you can get trophies, they will let you through. The trophy is the prize of the annual Hemenster fishing competition.

Dwarves can't fish!

To start this task, try to be friends with the dwarves. Because dwarves will prevent you from entering the next mission point, but dwarves are not good at fishing. He will let you help him win the fishing competition in the western town of Hymenster because the reward for the competition is the coveted gold trophy.

The dwarf will give you a fishing pass, allowing you to participate in the competition, and then guarantee that if you succeed, you can enter the tunnel shortcut under the mountain.

How to win Fishing Contest?

To win the game, you will be prepared with sufficient OSRS Gold for emergencies, and you will have confidence if you are fully prepared.

Stop at Seers' Village and pick up a piece of garlic in the house southwest of the bank. It will be reborn on the table, and it will be needed.

You also need to get 5 Bonzo coins to fish.

Start driving west toward the north end of McGrubor's Woods. Since the south gate has been locked, you enter McGrubor's woods by pressing the railing on the north side. After entering the house, please beware of aggressive class 44 police dogs.

To the west of the Andromeda ring, you will find a red vine. Check the red vine and collect 3 red vine worms.

Put garlic into the pipe on the south wall of the northern building of Sinister Stranger. Garlic with garlic and cooking symbols can be found in the house in the center of Seers' Village. Pay the Bonzo game fee to start the game (5 coins). Sinister strangers will complain that it smells horrible, and you will change places with him. If you don't have enough OSRS GP in the game, you can buy directly from RsgoldBuy, and the delivery can be completed within five minutes, which is very fast.

Use red vine worms to fish on the spot by the pipe. You will catch a giant carp, which is a unique type of fish that you usually cannot catch, and it will be an award-winning fish.

Talk to Bonzo again and hand over the big carp. You will be announced as the winner of the fishing competition.

After winning the game and getting the trophy, go back to the dwarf and hand the trophy to the dwarf.


1 mission point mission point

2,437 fishing experience

Enter the underground White Wolf Mountain passage

You can catch small fish in the Fishing Guild, including 82 fishing methods with full Angler Outfit set.