​How to obtain and use Bastion Potion OSRS?

The Bastion Potion combines the characteristics of ranged and super defense potions. Ranged can increase your level by 4 + 10%; Defense level increases by 5 + 15%.

During these 5 minutes, the consumption of ranged and defense levels will not be lower than the maximum potion boost. Although natural attribute consumption is disabled, you can still reduce or increase your attributes by using other spells and potions.

To create the Bastion Potion, 80 Herbore players use a cadantine in a vial of blood. You need to use calcium salt on the OSRS vial of blood, and then add Zamorak red wine to the unfinished cadantine blood potion.

This will give the player 155 Herblore experience. The Holy Bastion Potion can be made by using crystal dust on the Bastion Potion. When the player drinks the Bastion Potion, the chatbox will display "You drank some Bastion Potion. A bit strong." The battlemage potion will also be added.

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