​How to get the RS cracker paper in the 2020 Christmas event?

You can find a huge Christmas cookie again on the Grand Exchange of the Northeast Great Exchange! In the 2020 Christmas event, collect RS Christmas cookie paper to contribute to the completion of the Christmas cookie.

RS cookie paper is a currency that can be earned in 2020 Christmas events. You can get Christmas cookie paper by skills and killing monsters:

Non-combat skills get 22-27 Christmas cookie sheets every three minutes

Kill monsters and get 25-30 Christmas cookie sheets every three minutes

74-90 Christmas Cookie Paper from the Unexpanded Daily Challenge

After obtaining the cookie sheet, you can add at least 100 pieces of Christmas cookie sheet to the Christmas cookie RS3 in the northeast of the Grand Exchange to gain construction experience. Up to 15,000 sheets of paper can be added to the biscuit per cycle.

When pulling cookies, you will get a Christmas cookie box. The rewards from the Christmas cookie box include some Christmas-themed prizes, such as wool pudding hats, Christmas tree cloak tokens, snowman pet tokens, gift bag tokens, gift hammer weapon tokens, etc.

RS Present Hunt's Christmas gifts are also very attractive, and you can also get them by participating in the event. In addition, you need to prepare enough RS Gold in the game to increase the possibility of victory for your character. RSgoldBuy supports all-weather online services and is always waiting for your arrival to help you get a better experience in the game.