How do combat achievements work?

Combat achievements are a new system that will complement our current gameplay while providing new challenges for people who are skilled enough. When you defeat the bosses of Gielinor in dozens of different ways, you will also complete various difficult tasks. Doing so will make progress on achievement levels, and when you complete enough achievement levels, you will find that you can use a lot of new rewards!

Just like ordinary achievement diaries, combat achievements are divided into different task layers, and the difficulty increases as the task progress. There are many bosses and monsters in the old school, so unlike the four levels of the achievement diary, there will be six levels of combat achievements.

WIP image of the Combat Achievement Overview interface using placeholder graphics. Clicking on a different layer will automatically filter all tasks. There is also a section showing your PvM achievements!

See below for examples of the breakdown of the different levels and some of the requirements you might want to be able to compete at that level:

The Grandmaster layer will bring us the most difficult content in the game and push players to the limit. If you think the hell cloak is the limit of difficulty, think twice!

The additional layer means that we can handle tasks more flexibly. The low-level is designed to help introduce new players with less experience to PvM activities and let them appreciate the combat power provided in the game. But the Master and Grandmaster levels allow us to provide sufficiently challenging tasks to extend even the most experienced players.

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