How did you pass the Ferox Enclave in Old School Runescape?

Back in the Gielinor Bulletin in June, we talked about Wilderness Center, which is the new home of PvP in the Wilderness Center. Today, the update was released, called Ferox Enclave. Let us tour together!

Ferox Enclave is a rough border town with all the facilities that a bold adventurer might need to use in a wilderness adventure. There is a bank, a bar, and even a small church with a revival pool. Ah, refreshing!

Ferox Enclave is home to refugees and travelers seeking refuge in the harsh weather of the wilderness. Therefore, followers of various religions seem to tolerate each other's presence in the Ferox enclave.

All the halls of Last Man Standing game mode are distributed on the three floors of a building on the north side of Enclave, adjacent to The Old Nite bar. The new clan war zone is in the south. By the way, the two mini-games that used to be in the southeast area of Duel Arena are now turned into a monastery with a cooking field and a prayer altar.

After looking around, Ferox, the founder of Enclave, a former Zamorakian assistant, discovered a spell that can change you are respawn point to Ferox Enclave for a one-time fee of 5 million OSRS Gold. You can talk to Ferox at any time to switch the respawn point.

Although in the south, you will enter the 13-14 level wilderness. The Free-for-all portal on the west side of the team building will guide players to the Clan Wars area. The town itself is a safe zone, but there is still enough space for you to carry out a murderous rampage in the suburbs.

Crucially, Ferox strictly prohibits blocked individuals. If you are unfortunately unable to be blocked on the way back to the enclave, you will be barred from entering, and you may be attacked when you are trapped outside. If you feel a little strenuous, please enter the RSgoldBuy station to consult customer service and Buy OSRS Gold to reduce your burden. Let RSgoldBuy wish you a helping hand.

You can reach the enclave on foot through the Last Man Standing and Clan Wars mini-game teleporter and jewels, or take a waka canoe from anywhere on the Ram River. The locals can't wait to see you! You should be aware that you need a Waka canoe to get to the canoe station, and you can use any canoe from the canoe station unless you go deeper into the wilderness.