​How Clue Scrolls works in Trailblazer Change plan

The Old School Team has always wanted to maintain the competitive spirit of the game mode, so they have been working hard to avoid major changes to the league and at the same time ensure that players have fun. No matter which Relic you choose, there are always some people who don't like Trailblazer's current implementation of Clue Scrolls.

When the game progresses to the Clue Scroll steps step, you may not be able to complete it because they require access to unavailable or unlocked areas. At this time, you have only two choices. You can either throw away the clues and hope to get lucky with others, or you can play tricks between losing! This requires changing the prompt scroll bar so that it can be completed in the area you unlock.

Although the change takes too much time, by limiting the number of possible steps provided by each region, it can be changed in the game update next week.

After the change, you will see:

The hint scroll bar will only show the steps you can complete in the unlocked area.

Compared to the main game, the clue scroll will be limited to a much smaller list of clues and riddles to be solved.

The clues and riddles of the clue scroll will still be random, but when you complete multiple clue scrolls, the same clues and riddles are likely to be repeated.

No matter which relic you choose, this change will apply to all Leagues II-Trailblazer. This is good for treasure hunters and non-natural selection users, similar to how the Killcount requirement change in God Wars Dungeon affects anyone who unlocks Asgarnia.

The update is a fair compromise to ensure that everyone can have more fun using Trailblazer while avoiding drastic changes to the relics you have selected.

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