​ Great progress in Runescape


Hello, everyone, I want to talk about the progress in Runescape with you today. As we all know, the total revenue of Runescape is more than 800 million US dollars, the user account is more than 250 million, the user base is still growing, and the average time for active users to play the game is 7 years. In terms of social media and live platforms, Mansell said that "Runescape" has more than 1.5 million fans and is the top 20 games watched by twitch platform.RS3 Gold is a good platform for buying gold coins.

Every streamer Titus will be recorded in history and become the last or greatest legend of Runescape. On Monday, August 6, the day when Jaggers shut down the classic server, about 17 years later, Tagus completed the most difficult challenge in the game, the exploration of legend. Over 1000 people listen and see him at the last minute. Just before the classic is permanently closed, the exploration is cleared. Several Jaggers' audience, who not only cheered for Titus but also made the server a little longer than planned, just to make Titus the last legend of the classic.    

Jagex has begun reassuring Runescape players that its Chinese boss has announced that it is considering selling the British game company within two years of the purchase. After fukong acquired Jagex, Runescape players have been wondering about the future of this long-running fantasy MMO. Now, they want to know how the game and Jagex change under the leadership of the new company."Regardless of the result of kong's restructuring, Jagex continues to implement the short-term and long-term strategy of the Runescape franchise, which has experienced five years of continuous growth and achieved a lifetime income of $1 billion.

Now, it has the first mobile and old school successful by our life game method Runescape has the highest history of moving together, "Jagex's statement to Eurogamer continues."Jagex has never been in a better state and will invest further in the organization in the next year, because we expand our talent base, create and provide important new content for our players, build on our Jagex partners third-party publishing plan, and increase our influence in the mobile field through Runescape itself. "  Buy RS3 Gold from rsgoldbuy provides you with fast and convenient online service 24 hours a day!