​Collection Log Improvements poll feedback

Collection Log mainly records the player's growth process in Old School RuneScape. Every bit will be recorded. Players can use this function to see the process of their efforts. It enables players to work towards their goals and record how much they spend. For a long time, track their progress and finally complete the goal!

In this poll, The Old School Team will study some of the most needed features requested by your community: Side-Panel Update

The Old School Team has been working hard to update some of the side panels that can be accessed in the game, partly influenced by the upcoming version of Combat Achievements, and greatly inspired by the excellent design of GentleTractor, adding the Character Summary page to the game After the appearance, the functions are as follows:

   Combat and general level overview

   Total XP earned by the character

   An overview of completed tasks and achievement diaries (clicking on them will open the Task Log and Achievement Diary page respectively).

   An overview of completed combat missions (clicking this button will open the Combat Achievements interface).

   An overview of how many collection log items you have collected (clicking this button will open the collection logs).

   A button that can be clicked to show how long you have spent in Gielinor

In addition to the poll questions mentioned above, The Old School Team will also update the collection log to include various items from other activities that are currently missing. What content do you think needs to be updated? You can raise it in the community poll or leave a message to RSgoldBuy.com.