Addicted to Runescape

           Nowadays,The Internet plays a very important role in our life,it brings a lot of convenience to our lives.We can look up information, buy things, watch movies, etc. without leaving the house, and of course play games, and mainly young people go back to play games, and even addicted to games. What are the reasons why playing games is addictive, What in the game is attracting so many people to play the game?In my opinion,I think the game industry has always been a sunrise industry, and players' enthusiasm for games has been enduring. If the electronic product is called "electronic heroin", then the game can be regarded as a higher purity "electronic heroin". This is because games are as addictive as drugs.First of all, the game will give people a sense of initiative. When a person is playing a game, he becomes a character of the game himself. I feel like I am in the scene of the hero of the game.Second,the game is exploring the spirit of new things, while satisfying our curiosity.It has a sense of crisis, tension, and freshness, inspiring us to go to the next step.Third,humans are lazy, and games cater to people ’s needs.When playing a game, we don't need to think too much about it, we can experience the pleasure that the game brings to us from the game.Besides,games can give us a solace when we are alone. Many people say that when I am the loneliest and sad, only games can make me happy. This is not unreasonable. The game itself has no emotions, but humans have given them emotions.When we win in the game, we can get the admiration and affirmation of others. On the contrary, it is difficult to achieve success in real life.

Runescape is a game which has always been popular, with many loyal fans around the world, and some have followed from its development until today.With its wonderful game settings,fantastic social system, and updates that keep pace with the times, it has captured many loyal players, including myself.I have been using a very good website. I must recommend it to everyone here. With its competitive price, rapid delivery speed and high-quality service, it conquered me. It is rsgoldbuy ,I hoped we all can get a better experience in RsgoldBuy..The above is a senior player's opinion on game addiction. But in fact, it is not difficult to get rid of the game,we need to plan our own life, combining work and entertainment.