​A few tips for the early stage of OSRS Ironman mode

Starting a trip in Ironman mode may take longer, so the best way to increase your strength in Ironman mode is not through luck, but through careful selection to start the mission. Players should also research tasks that provide free stealth teleportation options.

Players choose entry tasks such as Cook's Assistant, X Marks The Spot, The Restless Ghost, Kourand customers and Dwarf Cannon, and slowly try to improve their skills in order to earn income from early games. When the player's shooting skills have improved to a level sufficient to survive, consider trying Winterholt.

Barbarian Fishing

Barbarian fishing can improve multiple skills at the same time. Once the player has 30 agility and 30 strength, they will not only be able to acquire fishing skills, but also gain more strength and agility at the same time! Selling fish can be exchanged for OSRS Gold, but if the player has good cooking skills, they can also be used as a way to heal health.

Managing Miscellania

Large-scale raids to obtain money and investment are a way for players to obtain multiple training resources without spending a lot of time. Players will first need a consistent money-making strategy and sufficient capital to make an initial investment. The minimum requirement is about 500,000 Gold, but for all players who accept the investment, this investment is worthwhile.

Players need to use a lot of OSRS Gold in OSRS Ironman Mode. If you only earn OSRS Gold, you will invest a lot of time and energy. It is difficult to enjoy the other fun of the game. You can quickly buy OSRS Gold on RSgoldBuy.com, RSgoldBuy supports 24/7 online services and instant delivery.