​2020 RuneScape Player Count exceeds the level of the previous five years

RuneScape has always been a big IP in the game. Although RuneScape has gone through a long 20 years, RuneScape has been more popular than ever in the past year, perhaps because of the particularity of 2020, but this is undeniable It is the continuous experimentation and innovation of the game by players and developers on RuneScape. In October 2020, RuneScape will be stationed on the Steam platform and occupy a place on Steam.

Looking back at 2020, the data situation in Gielinor's world is better than before. The number of members is growing due to the constant emergence of repeat customers and new adventurers. These players are farther away than ever before and provide useful feedback to the team to help the game move in a new direction.

RuneScape received 94% positive reviews on Steam. A few years ago, RuneScape faced the first major challenge after transforming the combat system. RuneScape has changed from a simple click operation to a more traditional MMO experience, providing players with different skills and shortcut bars to manage. Some players are not keen on changes-therefore, Old School RuneScape was born. Despite the divergence in the number of players, it seems that both games continue to thrive, and we are very happy to see where the 20th anniversary takes us.

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